Author: Liz Sundet

SP Community

The Community of SharePoint

  Recently, I was in a discussion with other people in the SharePoint community about what makes the SharePoint community so special.  So I offered up a few thoughts of my own on it and now sharing with others out there. For starters, I have been involved with a lot of different groups that call […]

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Co-authoring is available on word, excel and PowerPoint documents in all versions of SharePoint 2010, 2013 and Office 365. However, co-authoring is not available when having check-in/out enabled on the document library.

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Document Set

Document Set Using a Document set in SharePoint is a way to keep all documents organized together.   A document set will display all the metadata or properties that are shared between the documents in a particular set to be the same.  This is unlike folders or documents in a library which may contain different properties […]

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