Award Celebration: 30 Free SharePoint Assessments!

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Date: September 2, 2014 at 8:41 am

Focal Point Solutions is celebrating by giving away 30 Free SharePoint Assessments!!

free In celebration of Focal Point Solutions recent selection of 2014 Best of Cincinnati Award in the Professional Services we have decided to offer FREE SharePoint Assessments!!  Starting today September 2nd there will be 30 SharePoint assessments up for grabs so act quickly!  The assessment is valid for all versions of SharePoint but limited to Production and POC environments as Focal Point Solutions wants to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment and you have the best user adoption possible.

So if your company is looking to upgrade SharePoint environment or they just want to know if the current SharePoint environment is up to speed this is a perfect and FREE opportunity for your company to take to find out and get prepared! We will be focusing on but not limited to 2 critical areas of every environment which is Farm Documentation and Best Practices.  First come first server so reach out and schedule your initial meeting at as we look forward to hearing from you!

Free Assessment Process

1. Contact us by sending name, company name, phone and email information to

2. Someone from Focal Point Solutions will respond and schedule an initial meeting to ensure we capture all your concerns.

3. Initiate, Complete and Document your Assessment!

4. Call or visit to discuss the assessment report and next step recommendations.

Assessment Deliverables

Focal Point Solutions will deliver SharePoint farm documentation that is essential for administrators, it will detail the system and configuration settings throughout the farm including WFE, App and Data servers.

Again this is limited to 30 assessments so act quick as it is first come first server so contact us at to lay your claim on one of them.  We look forward to hearing from you!!


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