SharePoint App Model = Big Benefit

The App Model for SharePoint Benefits SharePoint Users, Administrators and Developers alike! For Users: – Apps can easily be browsed and selected through an app catalog/store – Apps can be installed and upgraded effortlessly For Administrators: – Apps are executed ...
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SharePoint Search isn’t a magical unicorn, it requires constant work and configuration

Make sure you are constantly reworking your SharePoint Search configuration. You can either create Managed Properties or even add Result Sources and Types. Building Display Template would definitely also be a nice added value you are giving users. Written by ...
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Microsoft’s Money Maker!

SharePoint is a $1.3 billion business for Microsoft. Reference from http://sharepointpromag.com/sharepoint/amazing-sharepoint-2010-facts ...
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Creating Names in SharePoint

Don’t use spaces when creating SharePoint site names, list names, or column names because they come up as ugly %20 in the URLs. Go back and add the spaces after creation. Author: Richard Strole ...
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The Creator of SharePoint

Chuck Norris MAY have invented SharePoint!?!? ...
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Co-authoring is available on word, excel and PowerPoint documents in all versions of SharePoint 2010, 2013 and Office 365. However, co-authoring is not available when having check-in/out enabled on the document library ...
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Term Store and JavaScript

Using the Term Store in conjunction with a little JavaScript, we have the capability of creating a truly Cross-Site Collection Global Navigation ...
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