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Date: December 31, 2015 at 10:48 pm

Document Set

Using a Document set in SharePoint is a way to keep all documents organized together.   A document set will display all the metadata or properties that are shared between the documents in a particular set to be the same.  This is unlike folders or documents in a library which may contain different properties for each document.  This allows the users to keep things organized for a particular project as well as find content quickly and easily in the future.   A user can also change the properties of a document set in the future and all documents associated with that set will have the same properties change.  For instance, if the status of the project changes from Active to In-Active, all the documents will reflect this change all at once.

Working with a Document Set

A document set is contained within a library.  A user will start by creating a new document set by first going to the document library, then selecting Files from the ribbon→New→New Document→New Document set from the dropdown.  This selects the content type for a document set.


Create A New Document Set

The first thing to do is to create a name for a new document set.  You will also select or add the metadata or properties such as Name/Title, Project Number, Status, and Dates or other information as needed.  These properties will be associated to all documents within the set.  When finished with the form, click Save


Loading Documents

After the document set is created, you can then add new documents by using the upload document form the ribbon.  Drag and drop will also work if you are using a browser such as IE10 or Chrome that supports HTML5.  All metadata is associated from the document set properties.

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Using Existing Document Sets

If you already have a document set created and only want to add documents to that set, first find the set, then simply upload documents as needed.



Search will work at the document level and will be able to pull the metadata properties as well as search granular content contained in the documents to be able to find them in the future.


NOTE:  Search can take up to 24 hours in order to be retrieved from the system, so please be patient when using search.


Change Metadata

In order to change the properties associated to the document set, a user will open a document set and edit the properties.  All the documents that reside within that document set will be updated



Select SAVE when finished and the new properties will be updated.


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