Multilingual Support in SharePoint Online

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Date: January 1, 2016 at 10:49 pm


There are two features offered by SharePoint that support users who speak multiple languages:

  1. Multiple Language User Interface (MUI) – The MUI feature works with your site’s user interface
  2. Variations – variations feature works with your site’s content


User Interface

The user interface of your site refers to the elements on your screen that you use to interact with SharePoint, such as the menus, the navigation items, and the recycle bin. With the MUI feature, you can display the following user interface elements in different languages:



It should be noted that this works out of the box only with default UI elements. Custom UI elements added via code or via the content editor are not translated.


Details on how to configure MUI can be found below:


The variations feature works with your site content, specifically the information stored on the site. The basic content element that the variations feature works with is the page. When you publish the source site, all publishing pages from the Pages library are copied automatically to the targets and queued for translation and publishing. Document libraries, announcement lists, and image libraries are also copied as part of the variations process. List variations are similar to page variations with one exception: you cannot specify individual items for translation. The complete list will be copied to targets and packaged for translation when using human translation or submitted to Microsoft for machine translation.


Details on how to configure variations can be found below:


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