How to Reduce Your SharePoint TCO – Let the Expert Manage It!!

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Date: October 8, 2014 at 7:52 pm

How to Reduce Your SharePoint TCO – Let the Experts Manage It!


Ever get in that situation when you have spent time and money building an amazing SharePoint environment only to have disappointed end users and upper management when you have a outage that was reported by someone other than IT?  You know what I’m talking about don’t you?  All companies have been in these situations and most on more than one occasion.

So the problem is there was so much time and effort put into building, configuring and ensuring that the users knew how to utilize the environment that the process to ensure if there was an outage was not exactly completely identified.  Now don’t get me wrong some companies do have governance documents but there are still some gaps being identified once an outage occurs and proper adjustments are not being made.  Where are those gaps do you ask?  Well I’m about to tell you where the most common gaps are and where you can learn more about how proper tools and governance can close the loop and make IT the 1st responders and identifiers of issues.  So when users go to the Portal site they see a notification of an outage or when they call the support center they can state “Yes we are aware and we expect a resolution within X timeframe”.  Won’t that be nice :).

This coming Saturday is the annual SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati event that the Sharonville Convention Center.  Registration starts at 8:00am and RafflesClosing are at 5:45 then of course we end with a SharePint that will also be located at the Sharonville Convention Center.  At this event Jeff Piot and I will be presenting on “How to Reduce Your SharePoint TCO – Let the Expert Manage It!!”.  We will cover the gaps I mention above and how to close the gaps and how Focal Point Solutions utilizes GSX’s Monitoring tool in that process.  Further information on our session is below and so come out and join us and learn how to CLOSE THE GAPS!!

Session Overview:

Managing a SharePoint environment requires expensive technical resources dedicated to the administration, troubleshooting and optimization of your SharePoint environment. Put your critical technical experts to work on the most important tasks and let the experts manage the rest. See how to reduce your TCO of SharePoint with a managed service provider enabled by GSX’s Monitoring & Reporting solution.

If you are wondering as I sure you are; no fear I will be posting a blog with all of the full information about the gaps and how to close those loops after the presentation!!

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