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Date: October 8, 2014 at 9:37 pm

Reining in Sites and Permissions in SharePoint

securityRecently the team at Focal Point has been hearing a lot of rumblings from numerous companies around security.  Don’t get me wrong it has always been a concern but due to various companies recently getting “hacked” that are in the public eye they have all started to think a little more on the subject.  There is a growing concern about individuals accessing data from the outside, as well as users accessing the data internally as well.  Internally??  Yes I said it internally!!  Sounds odd right?  However, it is true many companies are concerned that security from one department site to the other or access to the portal might be to wide open and individuals have access to more data than they should.  So they are now asking for additional methods, tools and best practices to ensure they are doing the right things, how they can audit security and making sure admins are being trained appropriately. To assist with this growing demand we asked HiSoftware and Chris McNulty if they would put together a presentation for SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati to help companies with these types of concerns.  Luckily they have agreed and I have to say they do not plan on disappointing and I am excited to see this presentation!!  Below you will find the session overview that Chris McNulty will be presenting this Saturday at 2:35pm at the Sharonville Convention Center.

If you are wondering as I sure you are; no fear Chris or I will be posting the slides andor blog article about his presentation after the event!!

To register for the event go here:

Session Overview: SharePoint Site Headaches? Every year, the volume of enterprise content in SharePoint grows. Now, more than ever, organization are also using SharePoint for mission-critical, confidential, sensitive or highly regulated documents. Microsoft has made great strides in capacity and performance – but the scale of content management is daunting for most IT teams. Setting up individual permissions on each separate document is overwhelming; and the sprawling architecture of thousands of small redundant sites is just as challenging. Some common problems include: Keeping up with document growth while preventing site sprawl. Using business rules instead of IT security to dynamically control access. Keeping managed content inside SharePoint instead of email and unmanaged storage. Streamlining the user interface and accelerating user adoption. Trying to address these issues with native tools is difficult. In this session, SharePoint MVP Chris McNulty will show you how to solve these problems with HiSoftware Site Sheriff for SharePoint. Hope to see you all there!!


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