Not only can we consult with you and make a vision or idea you may have come to life, at Focal Point we can provide pre-packaged solutions to assist with your most pressing business challenges. From something as complicated as onboarding or transitioning employees to quickly displaying the history of a page inline with the page, we’ve got you covered.


Check out some of our most recent pre-packaged solutions below and contact us for more information on cost and licensing options!




Search Driven Corporate Directory

During all the SharePoint projects that Focal Point been involved with, the thing we always have lengthy discussions on is quick wins. A quick win is something that takes very little time, low cost and an impact that spans throughout the company. A Corporate Directory is used in EVERY company out there; however, most of the time when we walk in the door it is extremely manual, being updated every week by the receptionist, sent out via email and then printed by various individuals and posted on the walls in their cubicles.

Using the Focal Point Corporate Directory, you will receive the following functionality:

  • Integration with Active Directory via the User Profile Service
  • Updates made in a single location (Active Directory)
  • Polished and engaging user experience
  • Ability to drill down at various levels including Location, Department and Job Title
  • Rich search experience offered by SharePoint


Global Navigation Driven by Managed Metadata

One of the new capabilities of SharePoint 2013 is Managed Navigation which allows the use of term sets to drive site collection navigation. Unfortunately, by default, a term set that is used in Managed Navigation is limited to one single site collection and cannot be used across site collection boundaries. This would mean that a new term set would need to exist for every site collection wanting to use Managed Navigation.

This limitation goes away with the Focal Point Global Navigation control.

Using the Focal Point Global Navigation control, you will receive the following functionality:

  • Consistent, cross site collection navigation
  • Customized branding to meet your company’s expectations and needs
  • Central location to manage all navigation elements (Term Store) for all site collections across all web applications in the farm
  • SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online Compatible


End User Feedback

When using SharePoint to deliver content to end users, it is critically important to know if the layout of the pages or the actual content itself is being well received by the target users. Unfortunately, SharePoint does not offer out of the box functionality to gather end user feedback nor is there an easy way to build this functionality that spans the entire SharePoint farm without custom code.

By using the Focal Point End User Feedback control, you will receive the following functionality:

  • Ability to receive feedback at a page level
  • Group feedback submitted by end users at a page or site level
  • Limit access to feedback based on site permissions
  • Email site owners when feedback is submitted
  • Rich, engaging user experience for gathering feedback