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Date: February 5, 2013 at 11:25 am

Focal Point Solutions is proud to announce we have partnered up with Concatenate out of Toronto to add to an already powerful arsenal of partnerships to continue to provide outstanding SharePoint solutions to our clients.  SharePoint has evolved from simple portal technology to a platform that is revolutionizing business world-wide and we are dedicated in assisting businesses in “Getting it Right”. 

Partnering with Concatenate was an easy choice for Focal Point Solutions as our mentalities of  getting it right are in alignment with each other.  The friendship that many of us here at FPS have with Concatenate’s Eric Riz has been evolving for sometime now through various SharePoint community events.  The more time we’ve spent together the more conversations and game planning we’ve done to find ways of ensuring businesses get off on the right foot with SharePoint.

Focal Point Solutions and Concatenate believe Governance is the key to for SharePoint. 

A SharePoint Governance plan is created as a critical step on the path towards SharePoint deployment success and effectiveness.  Its inclusions are dependent on how the business has opted to implement its environment; large environments spanning the entire organization may implement strict, formal governance, while smaller businesses may choose informal governance and policies.  Regardless of the size, the importance of a governance plan which takes into account the needs of the organization cannot be under-estimated, as it directly reflects the adoption, effectiveness and overall capability of your SharePoint implementation.

SharePoint provides capabilities that empower business users, including collaborating with each other, publishing content, and developing their own solutions. With this amount of power in hand, users (and the organizations they work for) can benefit greatly from having clear guidance. In short, they can benefit from having a Governance Plan.

An effective governance plan ensures the system is managed and used in accordance with its designed intent to prevent it from becoming an unmanageable system. The management of an enterprise-wide system involves both a strategic, business-minded board to craft rules and procedures for the use of the system and also a tactical, technically-competent team to manage the routine operational tasks that keep the system running. Users of the system will be empowered by a support and developer community sponsored by the business leaders.

With Concatenate and Eric;  Focal Point Solutions will be able to guide companies in how to strategically align SharePoint towards their business goals and needs.  We will be able to assist businesses in a number of areas including effective communication and collaboration techniques, governance, adoption and information management, all along the road to implementation success.

We are very excited about this partnership and can’t wait to get out and help companies “Get SharePoint Right”!

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Eric Riz

Eric Riz is the Executive Vice President of Concatenate, Inc. a software firm focused on maximizing SharePoint through product innovation and systems integration based in Toronto, Canada. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies on their business adoption, change management and deployment strategies to ensure they maximize the benefits of Microsoft technologies and successfully implement SharePoint-based solutions. A thought-leader in the SharePoint business space, Eric is a regular contributor to many industry journals and newsletters.  A sought after speaker, strategist and author, Eric is currently writing SharePoint for Decision Makers. He has developed and facilitated management and technology sessions through-out North America and addressed conferences around the world. You can follow Eric on Twitter @rizinsights and read his latest articles on www.ericriz.com.





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