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Date: April 10, 2017 at 5:25 pm


SP Community

Recently, I was in a discussion with other people in the SharePoint community about what makes the SharePoint community so special.  So I offered up a few thoughts of my own on it and now sharing with others out there.

For starters, I have been involved with a lot of different groups that call themselves a community.  I did regular meetings for IIBA, PMI, CRMUG, and Business Architecture Forum to name a few.  Yes, I met some people and even have spoken at events so it wasn’t as if my level of involvement was different, yet it was different. 

There’s a term that is used in military groups quite often called “Esprit de Corps”, or translated, the Spirit of the Corps.  By definition it means that there is some morale that guides the group, if that be their next mission or a new training, it’s that judgement of the morale of the group that takes them far on their journeys.  

How does Esprit de Corps relate to me?  Well, for many years, I was involved in activities that were community related starting at a young age, being part of band and orchestra groups, eventually evolving to the highest echelon of music and marching performance in drum and bugle corps.  Translated for our own purposes, Esprit de Corps meant that the team of people were really producing something that was exponentially greater than what we as individuals could produce.  The group was taking part of something big, and while we were just a small part of the contribution to that bigger thing, it was the honor of being able to take part that made us a cohesive whole. 

That’s what the SharePoint community has figured out; how to tap into the Esprit de Corps and be part of something bigger.  In talking with many speakers, attendees and organizers of SharePoint Saturdays, SharePoint User Groups and other events, many of them have agreed that’s truly the secret sauce. 

There are several events in almost every major city.  From SharePoint Users Groups and Office 365 User groups to SharePoint Saturdays, Cloud Saturdays and SQL Saturdays.  Then there are also conferences on the national levels, such as SharePoint Fest, SharePoint Tech Con, SharePoint Engage and of course, the master of them all, SharePoint Ignite.  These opportunities for learning and getting involved with the community range from free events to paid full week conferences, but the community is always prevalent at each.  If that means hanging out at a SharePint, or doing other social activities with speakers and attendees, there’s always something for everyone to get involved in something bigger.  This is what makes the community special and it’s something that everyone should look forward to.  Once you attend one or two, hopefully you will be as addicted as I am and want to go to all of them. 


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